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Taster Course

3 X 15 minute sessions in one morning

Designed for those looking to take up waterskiing or wakeboarding, the Taster Course offers beginners a first-time skiing experience in a safe and supportive environment, ensuring you are given the instruction, guidance and encouragement you need to get started.

Suitable for all ages, including children (from 4 years old), you are first introduced to water safety, body position and basic techniques on dry land. Once you are confident that you have grasped the basics, your coach will take you out on to the water using a static boom, which not only provides stability, but also allows you to remain in close contact with your instructor. Once you have mastered getting up out of the water, the basic skiing position and technique, you will progress on to the long line to ski behind the boat.

The Taster Course gives you the opportunity to really get a feel for the sport and with 3x15mins sessions in one morning you will definitely see progress and start to feel at home on the water. 


Development Course

12 X 15 minute sessions for the price of 10

Perfect progression from the taster course or for any intermediate/advanced riders, our Development Course is the most inclusive program on the South Coast. You will spend 12 Sessions with Level 3 Coach Chris. Chris will help you to progress at your own pace, this is a great way to plan your time on the water. 


The course will help you understand and develop the necessary movements needed to complete the skills you wish to accomplish, Chris can help all levels help gain a deeper understanding of the sport and give you guided practice to master them. The course is great for all ages, and can even be enjoyed as a family package.


CJM Ski & Wake can help you with fitness on and off the water, Goal Setting and Season Plans to really get the most out of your time at the lake.


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Ski Lessons from instructor Chris Mullins

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Review by Tracey Leslie-Moore

My kids had a wonderful time with Chris, they really enjoyed their lesson and are looking forward to the next one!


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