Best places to Waterski or Wakeboard - Outside and Around London


Posted by Chris Mullins on 09/05/2023


Every week with have a large scope of skiers come and visit us, ranging from beginners to competitors along with regulars and those just passing by.  We offer both waterskiing & wakeboarding, and strive to get the best out of your time on the water with us, by recruiting the best drivers and coaches London has to offer.

Often we get asked by a range of Water-Skiers and Wake-Boarders who are looking for extra training ideas or lakes to compete in "where's the best places to ski around London?"

So, here's a list of places our head coach Chris likes to ski and compete at around the area;

Gosfield Lakes

Gosfield Lakes is a great place to get that extra training. Not only are the lakes beautiful and sheltered, the boats and courses are set up perfectly.

Vince & Ben are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to waterskiing, and they offer coaching services for skiers of all levels. Both having competed and trained all types of competition skiers, they have great knowledge and adapt to your needs. 

The guys have also worked hard to provide the best changing rooms, showers, and a café that serves a range of food and drinks.

This makes it a convenient destination for day trips or longer stays to get some extra coaching and tournament practice.

Oxford Waterski & Wakeboard Club

Oxford Waterski is a great for all levels. Located in Oxfordshire, which is easily accessible from London and other parts of the UK it's a great place to get some training in or compete on their well maintained word rankings course. 

Steve Glanfield at Oxford Lakes can be a great experience for skiers of all levels, experienced and knowledgeable coach, and has worked with skiers of all levels, from beginners to advanced skiers.

They have some amazing facilities on site including a full bar and restaurant.

Thorpe Lakes on Arena Club

The Arena has former european champion John Battleday. He's experienced and knowledgeable, and can help skiers of all levels improve their technique and reach their goals. 

The lake has hosted some of the best tournaments the UK has seen, and still offer some great conditions. 

For more information on any services offered please feel free to contact us.