What’s the best way to help improve body position and line control while slalom skiing?


Posted by Chris Mullins on 17/05/2023


We have lots of skiers looking for that magic pill to improve and get to the next level. Although time on the water practicing best techniques is fundamental, we are about to share a little secret.

Most coaches I’ve worked with over the past 20 years have made me do this drill, and I still put into my training to mix things up. Practicing two hands on for slalom water skiers can provide several benefits:

  1. Increases Stability; Using two hands on the handle of the water ski rope can help distribute the load and helps improve your stability.
  2. Better Line control: Having both hands on the handle forces better control over the direction and speed out of the turn. It also enables more precise movements, helping you maintain balance at the end of the turn.
  3. Improved weight distribution: By using both hands, you learn to distribute body weight more evenly across the ski, leading to better balance and control. This distribution of weight can help maintain proper body positioning and prevent tipping or falling during sharp turns.
  4. Enhanced body position: Two-handed skiing encourages the development of proper technique and form. It enables the you to engage a better stacked position, as you’ll need to restrict your upper body movements.

All these benefits give you feedback on your technique, meaning it isolates those movements in your skiing you’ll need to work on and makes you change instantly.