Managed Lake or Public Water Ways?


Why swim at managed lakes through the next few weeks, rather than public waters ways?

Posted by Chris Mullins on 28/02/2024


With the recent articles from Surfers Against Sewage & The Guardian, both in the UK & Ireland, the state of public waters have been questioned. 

While people often question paying for a swim rather than getting a more natural free experience, managed lakes offer several advantages compared to swimming in polluted rivers and other swim locations

Here are a few reasons why it is better and safer for swimmers;

1. Water Quality: All managed lakes maintain high water quality standards, ensuring a safe and clean swimming environment. The lake is regularly monitored and treated to maintain optimal water conditions.

2. Safety: Swimming in polluted rivers can pose health risks due to contaminants and bacteria present in the water. Well-managed lakes ensure swimmers' safety by regularly testing the water quality and providing lifeguards on duty.

3. Recreational Facilities: professional lakes offer a range of recreational facilities such as designated swimming areas and all the safety equipment. These amenities enhance the swimming experience and provide additional entertainment options for visitors.

4. Aesthetics: We pride ourselves here at Longside Lake Watersports as the lake is very picturesque with scenic views and natural surroundings. Swimming in a clean and well-maintained lake offers a more visually appealing experience compared to swimming in polluted rivers.

5. Community: often lakes are frequented by a community of like-minded individuals who value outdoor activities and water sports. This creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie among visitors, making the swimming experience more enjoyable.

Overall, swimming at a managed lake offers a safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable experience compared to swimming in polluted rivers.